Project By

Jessica Ramsay, Robert Beardwell, Laura Marsh, Jade Crome, Mike Mayor, Becky Stocks,Amy Fairbrother, Lucy Whitehead


A 40-minute production based on a mid 20s, unsuccessful man battling with constant loses in his life. In a world where everyone is artificially happy and corrupt, only those in power get the easy life. The protagonist is another drone of society, knowing nothing other than living day by day in a bleak world.

His world is then destroyed by government tricks where by he loses his job, resulting in losing his home, and then his girlfriend leaves him. A domino affect of depression hits him so hard that he finally sees what the world is really like. His moral compass disappears and turns to the very thing that destroyed him to rebuild his life, the government. His now cynical attitude leads him to do disgusting things, to allow him to lead a peaceful.