Project By

- Amy Brindley -


'...The Stables, The Lock and the stalls in between.'

Camden Markets is a vibrant, unique, multicultural place in London filled with independent traders who sell unique products that can’t be found on the high street.

The area of Camden has always catered to an alternative scene and the markets have been around for over 40 years. Camden Markets is on the brink of a massive change with corporate development becoming prevalent in the famously alternative area. Recently there has been a change of ownership of the markets and over the duration of this documentary project, part of the markets were shut down and demolished in preparation for a large commercial shopping complex, corporate office spaces and residential property to be built in its place.

This photography project documents this time and how the markets, the community and the workers’ livelihoods are at threat as well as documenting the eclectic community of people who work within these markets through environmental portraits.