Project By

Emily McSorley, Jack McCarthy, Kate Marrison, Tom Russell


Our film will begin with a conversation between UKIP supporters discussing how they are judged on their political beliefs. We will then show inter titles describing how in 2014 UKIP won the European elections becoming the first minor party to triumph over the main parties. We will then set up our argument by displaying the question 'Is The Earthquake Coming onto the screen?'

The films main core is made up of three sections to explore the political system and if the growing popularity of UKIP is expressing a disengagement from the British public with the British political system. The first section of our film will begin by looking into UKIP policies, their leader and if voting for the party is in fact a protest vote. The second section will explore if UKIP are racist or have extreme views, while exploring if UKIP are part of the establishment. The third main section will be asking our participants what is wrong with the political system and their personal predictions for the May general election.


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